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What happens if you don’t advertise? Nothing.

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What happens if you don’t advertise? Nothing.

CALL US ON 07814 834560

Advertising is has been described as the art of persuasion and it is certainly true if you wish to engage with your audience and have them buy from you.

Advertising has many functions. To inform of a new product, to publicise an offer or simply to let people know you are still here. Whatever the reasons to advertise, it is always good to think in the long term. One of the most frequently stated claims is that “advertising does’t work”. Of course this statement isn’t true, because if it were, the advertising industry simply wouldn’t exist. So why could some business owners hold this view? Likely it is past bad experiences with a campaign that was not thought sufficiently through and far too short.

Advertising campaigns are called campaigns for a reason. There should be a plan and a duration for the message to be advertised and a clear goal to be set out. It is therefore important to think in a holistic way about advertising and It is all to do with the psychology of how individuals engage in the purchase process, it all boils down to time. In most cases, it takes time for the mind to evaluate and finally decide to continue with an end result - a purchase. This being the case, think long term and plan a structured campaign to get maximum exposure and get the results you can measure.

If you would like to advertise successfully, why not give us a call for an informal discussion about the various options open to you. We are very happy to offer advice. Call Tim Bigger on 07814 834560 now.

Here are a selection of ads we have produced, each one representing unique challenges and wonderful creative opportunities.


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